What people say

Read how our workshops empower men and women to prevent violence in their setting.

Bev Cottell – St Mary’s Sunbury

‘The day was a great success and both Susanne and I were surprised as to how beneficial the reinforcement 12 months down the track actually was’

Michelle Kornberg – National Council of Jewish Women

‘I am the coordinator of the Caring Mums program and there were 7 of my volunteers there who all raved about what they felt they got from this morning’s workshop.  We  provide emotional support to new mothers and pregnant women by developing on going nonjudgmental relationships with them.  Many of our new mothers are very isolated for various reasons and we are certainly seeing women struggling with all types of abusive situations.  I would love to stay in touch and will contact you in regard to the possibility of you running a workshop for us through National Council of Jewish Women (Vic).  They run various other programs including programs for newly single women, seniors, young lawyers etc’

Claire Thorn – Department of Human Services

‘I really enjoyed participating in the small group activities that provided useful information and practical tips on how to prevent violence. … I work in the central office of DHHS. The outcomes of the Family Violence Royal Commission are being used to drive major organisational changes including a whole new service delivery system. … Smaller targeted efforts, such as yours, that reach people in their local communities and in the safety of their faith communities are of equal importance if not more so’

Elizabeth Blades-Hamilton – Victorian Multicultural Commission

‘I found your presentation of the AB approach very informative. The interactive aspect and asking people to articulate is valuable in getting everyone to ‘own’ the problem. It’s a very clever way to get ‘bystanders’ (i.e. all of us) to understand that men’s violence against women is a whole of community problem. We can’t pretend it happens to someone else and does not concern us. . .. It has great potential to change attitudes and enable greater understanding, not just of the issues but of people’s ability to intervene through very accessible strategies’

Andrew Alexander – Jasper Lawyers

‘Thank you for taking us through part of the workshop you are delivering. The little part that we did was very powerful.’

Anglican – Archdeacon Ray McInnes

‘I enjoyed the workshop, you did a great job and there were some valuable learnings about active bystanding. If available I would do workshop #2 in 2016 and I would be happy to recommend it to others’

Church of Christ – Allan Niven, Stirling Theological College

‘One thing that really struck me is that no one really teaches on what you can do. It’s a bit like sermons people speak for hours and we go so yeah alright we get it. The principles are there. It’s not like we don’t bump into these things every day but here was something you could actually do and practice every day. You could start with little things, I thought that was quite amazing. So much of what the Church tries to do is not really transformational, focused, so I really appreciated that’

Anglican – Alisha Wakeley, Mother’s Union Eastern Region Co-ordinator

‘You threw us in the deep end, but that is often when we learn alot. You gave us a challenge.  And, you also gave us the tools to meet that challenge’

Mairead Ashcroft – Psychotherapist, Art of Life Counselling

‘Thank you so much for creating this incredible workshop. I have spread Think Prevent details with friends and colleagues. My hope is that other community groups might see your example, appreciate the rewards and run similar educational groups

Uniting Church – Joan Armstrong

‘Thanks again for this inspiring workshop. I know that you give these pretty regularly, but here is a reminder from someone who gets to hear your message just once: life changing – you are motivating me to think differently about how I can help and not just to walk on by’

Anglican – Rev Dr Tim Johnson, St John’s Anglican Church Diamond Creek

‘Thanks so much for your input yesterday. The feedback from our parishioners has been very positive and I know of at least one conversation where one person has shared for the first time of their experience of abuse. Yesterday provided permission to talk openly about this’

Anglican – Anonymous, St David’s Moorabbin

‘Before I didn’t know what to do but just by seeing and doing the role plays I could do that, I could do something’