#Think PREVENT Campaign

50% of the time actual or potential violent situations stop when a person intervenes on behalf of the person being abused. Bystanders can reinforce and help victims by making their support visible. This is where we need your help

#Think PREVENT has launched a campaign that helps people unite against abuse by sharing ‘your best move to end family violence and violence against women’

How it works

  • Post a selfie on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with your best move to end family volence and violence against women written on your body, face, or simply on a sheet of paper
  • Tag 3 of your friends to challenge them to come up with their best move to end family violence and violence against women
  • Be sure to use #Think PREVENT under your post

Copy and Paste this hastag in your social media posts 


#ThinkPREVENT symbolises men and women, young and old, uniting against, sexism, discrimination and violence and ending the silence and alienation that perpetrators want their targets to feel. By speaking out, you are not only taking a stand for yourself, you are letting others know that violence in all forms is not OK. When people intervene and show that they care, sexism, discrimination and violence cannot survive. Together we are building a movement. Do the right thing #ThinkPREVENT

Feel free to share a message about how sexism, discrimination and violence has affected you, what you did to stop it, or just a positive note of encouragement with your selfie. You can also share anonymously on the Think Prevent website

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