Personal Pledge

This is a pledge to make to yourself; to remind you of the important role you play as an Active Bystander and to remember to make a difference in your community. We encourage you to refer to this pledge whenever you question your role as a bystander in a situation.

I pledge to become an Active Bystander against discrimination, sexism and violence whether I’m at home, at work, in my house of worship, or out with friends, family, church members, colleagues, or workmates.

If I see or hear behaviour that perpetuates discrimination, sexism or violence occurring:

  • I will speak up! I will let others know that discrimination, sexism and violence are abusive and not acceptable
  • I will reach out to someone I know who has been the target of abusive actions or words and let this person know that this is not okay with me and ask how I can help
  • I will remain vigilant and not be a passive bystander to abusive actions or words
  • I will reach out to someone I think might be suffering from abusive actions by others to offer my support and make it a point to spend time with this person
  • I will tell everyone who is in a position of authority in this group, such as a religious leader, teacher, coach, caregiver, or manager about what I saw and heard and make sure there is follow-up
  • I will seek help from trusted friends, colleagues, professionals, and other resources if I don’t know what to do or need support to take action