Sample letter of introduction for Bystander Intervention Workshop

Dear ****

I’m writing to introduce you to Dr Ree Boddé, Program Director of Think Prevent, a Bystander Intervention Program to prevent violence against women

Think Prevent is a community leader in violence prevention. Dr Ree Boddé has more than 5 years experience in prevention training and workshop delivery to selected faith communities in Melbourne and regional Victoria. These workshop puts faith leaders and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds at the heart of prevention efforts

Here’s what former faith leaders have to say about the workshop:

“Throughly engaging, informative and extremely beneficial” – Michelle Kornberg, National Council of Jewish Women

“I know that you give these pretty regularly, but here is a reminder from someone who gets to hear your message just once: life changing – you are motivating me to think differently about how I can help and not just to walk by” – Joan Armstrong, Uniting Church

“One thing that really struck me is that no one really teaches on what you can do. It’s a bit like sermons people speak for hours and we go so yeah alright we get it. The principles are there. It’s not like we don’t bump into these things every day but here was something you could actually do and practice every day. You could start with little things, I thought that was quite amazing. So much of what the Church tries to do is not really transformational, focused, so I really appreciated that” – Allan Niven, Stirling Theological College 

I am being coached by Dr Boddé to co-facilitate a bystander intervention workshop. As part of my one year training , I have been asked to look into whether you would like us to deliver a workshop for your organisation

I’ve attached a brochure for your review and will call you shortly to discuss our free workshop offer