Proposal to evaluate Anglican PVAW Program


Prepared by Dr Ree Boddé (Kempster Consultants)

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (ADoM) is seeking expressions of interest to externally evaluate Anglicans Preventing Violence Against Women, an Active Bystander Program. The ADoM does not hold the funds at the moment, however a quote for this external evaluation will be included as part of a submission to funders.


This program is similar to the United States version with adaptations for an Australian context. It has been rigorously evaluated in a number of settings in the US.  The link to those evaluations are

As well, training reports from a mix of train the trainer and awareness training sessions, facilitated with Faith Based Organisations, have been undertaken by Centacare, Toowoomba. Dr Shannon Murdoch, Director Mentors in Violence Prevention ( MVP)  Griffith University, holds these.

This is a gender violence and community violence prevention approach that encourags men and women from all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds to take on leadership roles in their communities. The training is focused on an innovative bystander model that empowers each person to take an active role in promoting safe communities. The heart of the training consists of role-plays intended to allow workshop participants to construct and practice viable options in response to incidents of harassment, abuse, or violence before, during, or after the fact. Participants learn that there is not simply “one way” to confront violence, but that each individual can learn valuable skills to build their personal resolve and to act when faced with difficult or threatening life situations.

This program is based on a leadership model, targeting not only potential perpetrators and victims, but also seeking to empower those who might otherwise be passive bystanders to potentially violent situations.

The program currently relies on 1 paid (part-time) Consultant and 14 unpaid volunteers, (currently in training) to train participants (Violence Prevention Educators), who in turn will facilitate workshops attended by larger numbers of their peers (Workshop Participants).

Since June 2015, 17 Active Bystander Workshops, (this includes 3 Train the Trainer Workshops) have been conducted across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. 321 have undertaken the 2 hour workshop and 244 have attended the half day workshop.


The ADoM wish to evaluate the effective of the AB training when implemented by individuals other than staff , as well as whether the program can be effectively adapted for multifaith communities.

The ADoM seeks expressions of interest to conduct a program impact study of participant behavior, attitudes and predicted behaviors.


The impact evaluation should utilise a quasi-experimental, pre-test/post test survey design to measure change in the attitudes and predicted behaviors of a sample of Violence Prevention Educators, including Workshop Participants. In addition, surveys should be completed by a comparison group, composed of faith leaders who did not participate in the program. Several hypotheses need to be tested:

  • Workshop Participants will have less sexist attitudes after completing the training.
  • Workshop Participants will have an increased sense of self-efficacy—a sense that they can act to prevent violence against women—after completing the training.
  • The impact of the curriculum will be greater among Violence Prevention Educators, who receive a more intensive version of the curriculum, than among Workshop Participants.

Time frame (time lines approximate based on securing funding)

Task Duration Start Finish
Design pre and post-test surveys 2 weeks March April
Consult with reference group on draft design 1 week May May
Schedule workshop training 2 weeks May June
Research and program educators to implement the pre & post test survey (pre and post surveys identical) immediately before and immediately upon completion of the workshop. Includes Violence Prevention Educators; Workshop Participants


5 weeks May August
Organise a comparison group, that did not participate in the training and distribute post survey using survey monkey



3 weeks May August

Collate data and write up results


4 weeks July August


15 weeks 6 months

Contact Details

Dr Ree Boddé

Mobile: 0450 039288