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Friends a few good reasons why you should sign up to Think Prevent’s free violence prevention newsletter.

Because you want to get better at ‘stepping up’ and ‘stepping in’
Because you like practical tips, new and useful tools, inspirational posts, thought-provoking articles, and much, much more
Because you value great content
Because you are a busy person, and don’t have time to curate what you read all the time

Ok, so what will I be getting in the newsletter?

Our newsletter contains articles and resources that we personally tried
We also share our own original articles and thoughts in our newsletter
We share upcoming workshops
We occasionally put a smile on your dial (if not make you laugh your brains out)

How do we curate the content?

We spend hours curating the articles from dozens of resources to bring you only the most relevant articles.

What can you promise me if I join the list?

We promise that we read each and every one of the links we share. That’s actually how we stay on top of things ourselves.
We always try to get better, so we keep iterating on the design of the newsletter template and A/B test for engagement metrics. This means we are also very open for your feedback.

It’s free and easily unsubscribable. No dark patterns. Very straightforward. We want you to get something from our stuff. If you sign up, try it out, and decide you don’t want to stay, we promise to not get offended 🙂

Ok I’m in! Sign me up!

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