Why we need your support

We started Think Prevent with a clear mission: to bring massive amounts of attention to the issue of violence against women by training people to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. We never thought that would be easy. But, with your help, we’ve been able to make a difference. More than 4000 people engage with Think Prevent every month.

To really accomplish our mission, though, we’ll need to operate at a much more significant scale and that’s why the Victorian Council of Churches with Kempster Consultants, is looking to scale up the program by delivering Active Bystander training (AB) to prevent violence against women across selected multifaith sites in Victoria in 2016-2017.

The Active Bystander Program was developed in 2012 by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and Kempster Consultants. The program is based on a leadership model, targeting not only potential perpetrators and victims, but also seeking to empower those who might otherwise be passive bystanders to potentially violent situations. The program currently relies on 1 paid staff  person and 15 Volunteer Violence Prevention Educators, currently in training, who in turn will facilitate workshops attended by larger numbers of their peers.
Since June 2015, 15 Active Bystander basic training have been conducted across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. 564 workshop participants have attended the basic short course.  Further workshops are scheduled for 2016.
Four outcomes are envisaged. They are:
  • the production of a trainer the trainer guide based on Active Bystander Intervention;
  • 30 + Violence Prevention Educators are trained to run the ABI workshops;
  • ABI workshops have been piloted in more than 100 multi-faith locations across Victoria;
  • formal evaluation of the effectiveness of the training has been undertaken;
  • a model for sustainability has been developed

We need your financial support to continue our mission. If you require more information about the project contact Dr Ree Boddé – mobile: 0405039288;  email: thinkprevent@gmail.com