Identify why you’re worried. If you see something that makes you uneasy, identify the behaviour that worries you. Is your friend or the person you are concerned about drinking too much, and are you afraid they might not be able to say no? Are you afraid that they won’t really be capable of giving consent?

Consider whether to intervene. A situation doesn’t have to be dangerous for you to step in. Ask yourself: How might the situation affect the people who are involved? What’s the possible outcome?

Enlist allies. This is key. There’s comfort in numbers. Enlisting allies, like a mutual friend, the bartender, party host or bouncer can be much more productive and safer than trying to go it alone. Some ways you could handle the situation:

  • Consider asking if the potential victim needs help.
  • Don’t leave. By remaining present as a witness, the potential perpetrator is less likely to act.
  • If you know the potential perpetrator, ask the him/her to leave the potential victim alone.

IMPORTANT: If you think intervening will put you in danger at any time, call 000 instead.