Actually NO, she did not deserve to die

I overheard someone say recently that she felt very sorry for a man she got to know in prison who, she said, was serving a life sentence for murdering his wife.

The inmate explained to his prison visitor that he had been putting up with years of abuse, threats and controlling behaviour and had finally had a guts full. One night he took a hammer to bed, hiding it under his pillow – deciding that the next time his wife started in on him he would sort her out.

The participant went on to say ‘you couldn’t meet a nicer bloke. The most gentle, considerate bloke I’d ever met,’ she said.

So whose the victim? Let me be clear. When I say ‘victim’, I am talking exclusively about this dead woman and not her husband. He is the perpetrator of this crime, not a victim. Such accusations like ‘she goaded him’ or ‘she was asking for it’ are groundless. Murder no matter what the circumstances, is wrong, period.

Victims of  domestic violence  are called ‘victims’ because perpetrators commit criminal acts of violence against them, the same reason victims of burglary, and sexual assault  are called the same thing. Whether it’s murder, domestic or sexual assault, it’s never, ever the victim’s fault.

Women killed between Jan-Nov 14 by someone known to them 67. In 2015 the number was 80. (Counting Dead Women Australia)

Women have a right to live free from fear and violence. It is a fundamental human right.

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