Anglican leadership forge a violence prevention training pathway

Anglican leadership will present this motion to the October Synod

That this Synod:

Notes the Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV), reporting to

the Victorian State Government in March 2016, included three particular

recommendations for faith communities 163, 164 and 165 may be found


al/RCFV-Vol-V.pdf for recommendations.

Acknowledges the significance of these recommendations and the desire

to live as faithful Christians honouring the sanctity of all life:

  1. a) Continues to recognise the ground breaking work of Anglicans

Helping to Prevent Violence Against Women project (PVAW) and in

particular the Active Bystander Program and recommends

participation in the program to all parishes.

  1. b) Requests that the Active Bystander Training Program be made

compulsory training for clergy, lay ministers and ordinands

throughout the Diocese as part of Professional Standards Training.

  1. c) Commits the recommendations to prayerful discussion by all Anglican

parishes, agencies and schools in the Diocese.

  1. d) Encourages conversation of the issues across ecumenical, multifaith

and multicultural communities.

Moved: Bishop Genieve Blackwell; Seconded: The Ven Jan Crombie


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