Anglican Diocese of Melbourne – PVAW Synod Motions 2015

Motion 1

Prevention of Violence against Women

That this synod

  1. a) views with deep concern the incidents of family violence being regularly reported;
  2. b) commends the key recommendations made by the Diocese of Melbourne in its submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Family Violence (2014);
  3. c) recognises the positive contribution of men and women in preventing some men’s use of violence against women and children;
  4. d) encourages Anglican schools to deliver Respectful Relationships Education targeted at all levels of education, as a means of reducing violence against women and children; and
  5. e) urges all parishes to consider ways in which they could (i) reduce the level of violence in their own communities through education and participation in the active bystander training workshops; (ii) speak out about violence against women and children and (iii) partner with Anglican agencies to provide resources for victims.

Moved: Dr Denise Cooper-Clarke, Seconded: Rev Dr Gordon Preece

Motion 2

Prevention of Violence against Women 

That this synod, noting the 2006 publication by the Church of England of ‘Responding to Domestic Abuse: Guidelines for those with Pastoral Responsibilities’, calls for the Prevention of Violence Against Women (PVAW) steering group to develop pastoral guidelines for clergy and lay workers in the Diocese of Melbourne, in relation to their responsibilities to both victims and perpetrators of family violence.

Moved: Dr Denise Cooper-Clarke, Seconded: Revd Dr Gordon Preece